Pool Shell Construction

Pool Shell Construction

Our SA built pool shells are constructed above Australian standards with extra thickness for SA's reactive soils. Manufactured with the latest products and technologies from Nuplex, Australia's largest supplier of Gelcoats, Fibreglass Fibre's and Resins.

Step 1: Spray the pool mold with the Gelcoat (your pool colour)

Step 2: Spray the Vinyl Ester layer which protects the pool and water proofs the pool shell and stops osmosis

Step 3: Layered resin and fibre to add strength. Here we add the ribbing to the pool which help to provide the strength to the walls and steps. After the pool has the right amount of layers to provide the 10mm thickness (Australian Standards are 5mm)

Step 4: we spray the pool with a protective layer called flow coat, this layer protects the pool from the different soil types, and gives you many years peace of mind.