Pool Install Process

Pool Install Process

Installing a Fibreglass pool with Adelaide Fibreglass pools is a simple process, with the only mess being the big hole we dig in your back yard.

Stage 1. Once we have confirmed your new pool position, building insurance, council plans will be submitted and youre pool will be put into manufacture.

Stage 2. Once out of council we will lock in your dig day, and it's all go with a flurry of activity over the next few weeks as we dig, install and plumb your pool. This is a big process and often a shock when we take out over 100 tonne of dirt, leaving a big hole in your backyard. Rest assured once the pool is lifted into place the yard will take on a whole new look.

Stage 3. After the install we will let the pool sit for a couple of weeks double checking levels before we the install the engineered concrete beam, ready for your choice of pool top.

Your pool is ready for hand over unless you selected the TURN KEY option with full paving, fencing or pool house options which we only discuss onsite as everybody has their own taste and we can custom make your dream back yard.