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Behind the great looks of every Adelaide Fibreglass Pool are fantastic materials that will perform year after year.

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Our pools are precision manufactured using state-of-the art Gelcoat Technology. Designed for Australian conditions, they are UV (and Algae?) Resilient. They won’t fade or crack – your pool will stay as vibrant and colourful for decades.


With 99.5% gloss retention under the most stringent of tests at 5000ppm sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) with a pH of 11.6 for 24 hours at 60°C, Adelaide Fibreglass Pools’s performance is simply exceptional. Gloss is not only a measure of your pool’s cosmetic beauty but also its health as when a pool surface corrodes or deforms its gloss level (reflectance of light) is diminished. To protect your pool’s gloss, choose Adelaide Fibreglass Pools™.